The Right Kind of Real Wood Flooring For Your Home

Renovating your home? Thinking of the perfect choice of flooring? While there are many options available in the market, nothing beats the good old-fashioned charm of wood flooring. Even in this modern age, people still crave for the timeless classic look offered by real wooden floorings.

real wood floorThe genuine beauty of knots, unique grain patterns, earthy hues and texture of real wood flooring can bring a regal look to your home interiors. Owing to budget constraints, you may be forced to look in a different direction, but hardwood flooring gives you real value for money.

Wooden flooring helps in getting a graceful and elegant ambiance. And as the wood ages, it gains a certain character making it an inseparable part of the history of your home.

Do you want to add warmth, timeless elegance, and charm to your abode? But, are you worried about what to purchase? Depending on your requirement, these are the basic factors that can help you reach a decision:


Solid hardwood is all natural plank and is resistant to damage from furniture or cracks and scratches. But recent products of engineered wood are known to be more durable. Before you buy any product, look for thicker and wider planks.

Width is a factor to consider which allows the planks to bond properly with other layers. If it’s not thick enough, it becomes difficult to sand the top layers if you ever go for remodeling.

Longevity and Quality

Traditional hardwood, as opposed to engineered construction, is made of a wide range of premium wood. Even if the existing surface finish is a bit worn down, solid hardwood flooring can be sanded for upto 7 times.

Value for money

In terms of investment, hardwood flooring elevates the value of your property. It increases the resale value and is the best bet for your returns on investment. Taking into account that hardwood flooring stays strong for generations to come, the cost you put in now is nothing but a fair bargain.


Modern hardwood types are manufactured to today’s necessities. These require little to no maintenance as most products are stain resistant and they do not fade with time. And keep in mind that hardwood floors look timelessly classy and elegant. No matter what style of interiors you choose, wooden flooring will suit them all.

Now that you have a basic idea of what you are looking for, you are on your way to making the perfect decision for your home interiors. For information and inquiries, contact usfor a product that matches your requirements.

To make a purchase, you can browse our catalog and pick a product. Or you can contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.