Act 1 Terms and Conditions

Act 1 Flooring, Inc. is not responsible for shortage due to customer’s measurements.  If shortage occurs due to customer’s measurements, the customer agrees to pay additional charges plus additional shipping for additional footage as needed.  Regarding carpet and tile, buyer understands that there may be a dye lot variation or some shade variation from sample.  Regarding stone and wood, because these are natural products, the appearance, color, texture, size and glaze of the products you choose may vary considerably from the samples.  No claims will be accepted for variations in shade, size or appearance.  

LAYAWAYS AND WILL CALL POLICY: Deposits on layaways and will calls are not refundable.  All layaways and will calls must be paid in full within 30 days of purchase or customer will forfeit deposit.  Merchandise not picked up after 10 days will accrue a storage charge ($10 per day) from order date until picked up.  Past due accounts are subject to a 1.5% service charge, annual percentage of 18%.  In the event any balance is due after delivery and referred to an attorney for collection, the customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees.  There shall be no liability for delays in delivery or installation of the above mentioned merchandise, when due to causes beyond our control. 

RETURN POLICY: No refunds, cancellations, or returns on special order products.  No returns on out of stock or “AS IS” materials.  Any consideration of a return must have the approval of an authorized agent of Act 1 Flooring, Inc.  Returns must be accompanied by a receipt, must be within 30 days of purchase and returned in full, clean, uncut, unopened, undamaged cartons.  All returns are subject to a 35% restock/handling charge plus return shipping.  Sale of non stock, nonstandard specials items, installation products, and tools are final.  Tools are subject to to MFG. Warranty and return policies. 

INSTALLATION EXPECTATIONS:Please read and sign the appropriate sections that pertain to your project.  The installation of new flooring will add value and beauty to your home, but as with any home improvement project you should expect some disruption and inconvenience.  We will employ our experience, the latest equipment and the most environmentally safe materials to complete the work with the least possible disruption.  


                 -The building should be completely closed in with outside windows and doors in place.  

                 -All other trades should have completed their work, and no other floor traffic should be allowed during the installation process

                 -Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems should be operating at time of installation

                 -The temperature and relative humidity should be at “normal living conditions”

                 -Owner should remove furniture, knick knacks, appliances, and old floor coverings unless arrangements have been made for us to provide this service. All closets must be cleared out from the floor to 3 feet up. 

                 -Act 1 Flooring does not diconnect or reconnect any electronics.  It is the customer’s responsibility to have all electronics disconnected                              prior to your installation appointment.          

          FLOOR PREP: Concrete will be checked for sediment, level and foundation cracks prior to installation.  Skim coat/leveling compound will be applied as needed at an additional charge. Foundation cracks will be filled if less than 1/8″. If any additional repairs do need to be made the homeowner will be advised and additional charges will apply.  

          TILE: Unless noted differently above, Act 1 Flooring, Inc. does not seal grout.  We always attempt to get the grout lines as small as           possible, but it is the owner’s responsibility to notify the installer if they have any special requests pertaining to the size of the grout lines or the installation pattern prior to the start of installation.  It is very important that you do not walk on the tile until your installation technician lets you know it is safe. 

          HARDWOOD/LAMINATE/LVT: The owner must specify the direction that they would prefer the wood to be installed.  There will be some noise, dust, and glue vapors during the hardwood installation process.  Even though we will seal off the work area from the rest of the house, dust from the cutting and installation process could infiltrate into the other areas of the house.  Please keep pets and children away from the work areas.  Door jambs only may be cut to allow adequate clearance for the wood.  Act 1 Flooring, Inc. does not cut doors.  Also, be prepared to remove the fine dust that may have accumulated despite our best efforts to contain it. 

          UNFORESEEN CHARGES: In any installation project there is always the potential for unforeseen charges.  Act 1 Flooring, Inc. will make the customer aware of any unforeseen charges as soon as possible and discuss options with them.  

*There shall be no liability for delays in delivery or installation of the above mentioned merchandise, when due to causes beyond our control. Any changes to the above contract could create such delays in delivery or installation.*





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