Selecting Hardwood Flooring

Gold Coast Acacia Hardwood Flooring PensacolaHardwood flooring in the home has a timeless look. And that’s good because it’s such a durable product that it may seem to have a timeless life. It’s not uncommon for a hardwood floor to last a hundred years or so. As one of the more costly products on the flooring market and one that will withstand years of use, you want to make sure you choose the right hardwood flooring. To do that, you need to know a little about the material.


Solid wood

Solid wood flooring generally comes in ¾” thick planks that have to be stapled or nailed down over wood subfloors in areas where there isn’t a problem with moisture. However, there are some thinner products on the market that can be glued on a concrete slab or a subfloor.


Engineered wood

Engineered wood is a mixture of woods layered and bonded with adhesives. The wood in the lower layers may be either soft or hard, but the top layer is a hard wood. The ¾” planks can be stapled, nailed, glued, or floated on top of concrete or subfloors. More versatile than solid hardwood floors, engineered floors also withstands moisture and atmospheric changes better.


Choosing your wood tone

Light – Light wood tones have the tendency to open up a space making small homes look larger—a good choice for condos and small homes. They also show dirt less.

Dark – Dark floors will make the home look smaller and cozier and settle well in larger homes or homes with large open rooms. They hide imperfections such as scratches and wear.
Pets, children, and parties

If you have pets, children, or entertain regularly, you will want to consider selecting a harder wood that resists scratches and dings a little better or a wood that has a grain that will camouflage normal wear and tear. Harder woods like Oak, Maple, and Cherry are better choices for these types of lifestyles while softer woods like pine, mahogany, and Brazilian cherry look great but don’t withstand wear as well

Regardless of the wood tone or species you choose, hardwood flooring in general is a neutral choice and will fit well with any décor, freeing up your future redecorating concerns.
If you have other questions or concerns regarding hardwood flooring, Act 1 Flooring and Supply can help you. We carry a selection of woods in tones to suit any style. Our experienced installers will make sure you get the flooring you want at an affordable price. Contact us now to get started.

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