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commercial flooring pensacolaYour business environment plays an integral part of your consumer’s decision to conduct business with you. In fact, the right décor can not only impact your customer’s decisions, it can also affect employee productivity. It is important that your décor is not just pleasing to the consumer, but also that it reflects the impression you want to make. The commercial flooring you choose is one way you can do this, and since flooring isn’t something you can change regularly, you want to make the right choices from the start. Keep the following in mind when making your flooring selections:

Type of business: The first thing you should consider when selecting carpeting for your business is what type of business you are conducting. If you have a restaurant, you will want flooring that will stand up to spills and high traffic. A real estate office might not get the traffic that a restaurant has, but rather it needs to look high-end to impress home buyers.

The right color: Studies show that color has an effect on consumer purchasing decisions. In fact, reports that red, orange, black, and royal blue appeals to impulse shoppers, navy blue and teal to frugal shoppers, and pink, sky-blue, and rose to traditional shoppers. When choosing the color of your flooring, consider what type of shopper or customer you want to attract. You might also want to consider employee productivity when considering color. For example, green promotes creativity while white may lead to boredom.

Flooring material: The material you choose for your flooring is equally important. If you are trying to promote yourself as a green business, then a wood or laminate with wood look gives a more natural impression. Another thing to consider is the ability to keep your flooring looking clean and crisp. High traffic areas need regular cleaning to keep them looking fresh, so a tile that is easy to clean is the idea. Restaurants have traditionally used carpets as a flooring choice, but they are difficult to clean. Natural Stone, on the other hand, is easy to clean and can give a sophisticated look to the restaurant, but that type of flooring may not absorb sound as well. Restaurants may also want to consider traction for employees in cooking and bar areas where spills are common.

Flooring combinations: When making a flooring decision, there is no need to limit yourself to one type of flooring. Using a combination of colors and materials will impact your business in a number of ways. Choosing a hard surface such as tile or laminate for entryways and walkways is inviting and leads customers in a path through your business. It is also a better choice for high traffic areas as most customers will follow that path but not all will go to individual displays. Softer surfaces, such as carpets, tend to slow customers down enticing them to browse longer making them more likely to make a purchase.

Carpet thickness: For some businesses, such as an office with an open office space, carpets make a great commercial flooring choice. Carpets have better sound absorption which can be a problem for those working with others nearby. They also are slip resistant. Plush carpets make people feel more indulgent making them ideal for executive offices.

Regardless of your flooring decision, the flooring is only as good as the installation. The wrong floor laid on the wrong subfloor can diminish the durability of the flooring. Air bubbles and improper grouting can cause tiles to crack. A carpet that has lifted because of poor installation is a safety hazard and puts your business at risk for lawsuits. Pour installation also increases maintenance expenses and could, over time, be more costly than professional installation.

Act 1 Flooring can help you choose the right commercial flooring for your business by considering your business type, budget, traffic expectations, and maintenance needs. Our professional installers will make sure your flooring is done right to give you the most durable, easiest to maintain flooring leaving you free from maintenance and lawsuit worry.

Before you make flooring decisions for your business, contact Act 1 Flooring and Supply, and let one of our designers guide you through the flooring selection process.


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