Marble Flooring

The use of marble for providing an elegant look to your floor has been in use for hundreds of years and is quite popular even today. Marble is the most luxurious flooring for people who want to add a class element to their place. It is available in many colors and patterns with a wide price range to help suit the needs of everyone. Every marble piece has different veins of color.

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Marble Flooring Classification

Marble flooring classification is based on the composition of the marble, falling into the following three classes:

Dolomite: Consists of more than 40{3eddbd2c338c239cc14462ec683fcc8958cb0305d7ed46d69861601662854867} magnesium carbonate

Magnesium: Between 5-35{3eddbd2c338c239cc14462ec683fcc8958cb0305d7ed46d69861601662854867} magnesium carbonate

Calcite: Less than 5{3eddbd2c338c239cc14462ec683fcc8958cb0305d7ed46d69861601662854867} magnesium carbonate


Marble Flooring Colors and Patterns

There is an unlimited range colors and patterns of marble flooring available today. The popular types include:


A sedimentary rock, consisting of particles larger than two millimeters in diameter. Particles are often angular in shape and are a mixture of rock debris and mineral particles. Because of this combination, it can occur in any color. Shades of red or brown look great when added to the floor.


Limestone is a very popular type of marble. It has a porous morphology and a flexible nature that’s why should be used in areas with less traffic. It usually comes in the lighter shade of clay or beige. As with any other marble, proper installation is necessary.


It is a pure white marble and the one you see in fountains and statues. You can quickly fall in love with its mesmerizing look once your floor is done. It will brighten up your place. Besides flooring, it is also widely used in counter tops as well.

There are other designs as well, but these were the most prominent ones. Apart from that, there are three ways of finishing a marble floor.

Polished Marble

Who doesn’t love the look of polished marble but people may get confused because it is slippery. Although it provides a shiny brighter look to your place, if you have children or oldies at home you may want to reconsider. You may opt for a different floor for your bathroom or kitchen because water isn’t much visible on a marble floor which may make it easier to slip.

Honed Marble

It has a matte look and is not as shinier as polished marble. If slipping is your concern, then this is a better option for you. Scratches are not prominent because it lacks a glossy surface. It can bear more traffic and can be used in living rooms, hallways, and even bathrooms. Also an excellent choice for kitchen countertops

Marble Flooring Maintenance

It doesn’t matter which marble are you using with which finishing. Because they all come from the same natural material, therefore, requires equal maintenance with a little variation in degree. Marble is prone to stains of Coffee, Tea, Alcoholic Beverages, Juices, Carbonated drinks, and Vinegar, etc. you need to choose the right marble for the right place. If you are still not sure which one to buy, seek professional help.

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