Luxury Vinyl Tile

Are you tired of your old floor and want to add a styled look to your home? Act 1 Flooring Clearance has the right solution for you. Luxury vinyl tile flooring will give your house or office the look of real hardwood, stone or ceramic but with the durability of vinyl. The refreshing look will transform your floor into a mesmerizing beauty. Vinyl flooring is eco-friendly, maintenance is very easy and it is very comfortable to walk on. It is a popular choice because of its durability, looks and low cost.

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LVT: A Great Substitute for Wood Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in strips and resembles real hardwood. Where wood is expensive, vinyl flooring provides a budget solution for those who can’t compromise on quality. With dozens of designs to choose from you can easily find one to blend with the interior of your house.

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Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile


Standing and walking on a luxury vinyl tile floor is more comfortable than on hardwood flooring. Both have their pros and cons but standing long on the vinyl floor won’t leave you tired. This is because it comes with a soft base. LVT also absorbs sound, making this flooring best to use in commercial as well as residential places. Warm to the touch, LVT won’t have you shivering when you set foot on the floor after waking up on a cold morning. It’s also a lifestyle upgrade – you’ll feel a sense of grandeur with your new luxury vinyl tile flooring.


Dropped a glass or a crystal piece? Don’t worry – thanks to LVT’s texture and relative softness, glass and crystal have a better chance of surviving a fall. You can’t expect this from a marble or hardwood floor. LVT is waterproofed – you can use it in bathrooms and kitchen without any fear. If desired, it can be installed on your existing floor without any dismantling, making installation a breeze. Its longevity is remarkable. Luxury vinyl tile can last up to 20 years. 


Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

Buying your choice of LVT flooring might be a simple task, but installation is a job better left to professionals as it requires experience and quite the attention to detail.

Installing vinyl flooring doesn’t require much preparation. If you have a clean, smooth floor, then you can skip a step and go directly to applying glue. If this is not the case, then a little time and effort will make it up. After that, you need to place a tile on the floor, preferably at the entrance door and mark its location. You may need to compromise with the room dimensions, but with professional flooring installation, you can sit back, relax and let the experts do their job. They’ll lay out all the tiles and fill the joints with grout. As with every flooring, measurements are critical. The pros will carefully measure the floor to avoid any undesirable results.

With an extensive range of styles, our wide variety of COREtec luxury vinyl tile allows you to choose according to your interior décor. It’s difficult to fail at finding a perfect fit.