Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the modern-day concept of flooring. It is a multi-layered synthetic product and is quite popular nowadays. Comprised mostly of wooden-derived material, covered in a thin layer of plastic, it comes available in wood and rock colors and textures. Laminate flooring is best suited to the needs of builders or homeowners who want to have a wooden floor look on a limited budget. Laminate flooring is a widely used flooring option in residential as well as commercial places. Although laminate is more water resistant than a wooden floor, it is important to keep it dry because the strip can swell if water is allowed to sit on it for an extended time.

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Laminate Flooring Maintenance

The maintenance for laminate is easy, compared to hardwood flooring. It doesn’t require polishing, but it’s important to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating, especially in high traffic areas, because it can fade with the passing of time. Otherwise, laminate is a long-lasting, durable and most importantly, an economical flooring. 

Constructed from synthetic products, laminate is virtually resistant to scratches and stains. Messes and spills can be easily cleaned with a moist cloth. Some folks also use it as a wall covering for decorative purposes. Any swollen walls can hide behind laminate sheets. These are easy to install and can be a DIY job.

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Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate panels have tongues and groove along the sides and are connected by clicking one into another. A glue base is usually not required for flooring but may be a necessity in wall coverings. Sometimes referred to as “floating tiles” here in the United States, they simply interlock into each other and are not stuck to the floor. Intentional small gaps are kept near walls to allow any possible expansion. The installation is easy but requires attention because if not properly handled, two planks can get separated sue to the natural expansion of the flooring. Not only is the material itself inexpensive, but the installation is also more affordable when compared to a wooden floor. Since installation isn’t as difficult as other flooring types, a professional flooring installer will not cost you much.


Laminate Flooring Benefits

Laminate flooring does not require extra care, but it should be used carefully. It’s somewhat water resistant but is not suitable for washrooms or areas with regular water flow. Another feature of laminate flooring is, it does not trap heat like carpet and other flooring does. Cleaning with a wet mop is usually not recommended because it has been found that this may cause damage in the long run. Laminate floor is easier to clean than a wooden floor.

As for repairs, hardwood floors has the edge over the laminate floor. Wood floors are easily repaired and refinished. Laminate, on the other hand, may be replaceable if bought in strips or boards. Since old boards might have faded by the time you need a replacement, a new plank may look out of place. It does not have any outstanding resale value as of now. However, manufacturers are improving the construction to bring it closer to natural hardwood or engineered wood.

Laminate flooring may have pros and cons, but it is undoubtedly the best substitute for wood flooring and an affordable solution for anyone who wants to give their place a natural look.