We all know the struggle of hardwood floor upkeep. There are so many things to think about and be aware of. It’s like walking on thin ice — except you’re walking on your beautiful hardwood flooring. One that you paid good money for and should utilize without constant fear of fading or scratch damage. Here are a few simple hacks to handle your hardwood floors, and keep them looking brand new with virtually no extra work.


Cleaning can be tricky. Harsh chemicals may get the hard dirt and grime off of your floors, but over time your floor’s protective finish will wear away. This will allow for greater scratch damage and discoloration over time. Thing like water and vinegar, soap-based cleaners, wax and steam cleaners are some of the most commonly used cleaning methods that can cause damage. Instead, try plant-based cleaners for a more natural and safe solution. The safest bet is to get your floor cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Simple Maintenance

To avoid a great deal of costly repairs, always watch out for water damage. Water is one of the most dangerous things for hardwood floors. Puddles left on your hardwood floor can cause softening of the wood and even mold. Even with a glossy finish, wood is still an organic material and it will rot if given the chance. Maintenance can be as simple as taking off wet shoes before coming inside or cleaning up a spill soon after it happens. Don’t let a little water be the reason for your hardwood floor damage!

Avoid Scratches

Hardwood floors are scratch magnets, at least that’s what it seems like. Scratches can be caused by moving furniture, heavy shoes, and even animal nails. One way to avoid this is by picking up furniture when moving it. If you have dining room or kitchen chairs that are moved frequently, try using stick-on Velcro strips (the soft side) on the bottom of the legs. This reduces the chairs ability to scratch up your beautiful floors. Take off your shoes at the door. This keeps the soles, along with the rocks and debris that may be stuck in them, from leaving scratches. Keep your pet’s toenails clipped to dodge a great deal of damage as well.

Add Some Style!

Some damages seem to be unavoidable, especially in high traffic areas in the home. When so much foot traffic comes through in a given day, it can be hard to keep up with all the little tricks to save your floors. For an easy fix, try putting a stylish rug in those high traffic areas. This way you avoid dirt being tracked to those areas and scratches are more under control.

Spot Clean

You don’t always have the time to clean all of your hardwood floors as regularly as you may want. As long as you can stay on top of little spots, you’re better off than before! This reduces water damage by allowing you to control the amount of liquid used on your floors and still keeps them clean.

Don’t let the fear of hardwood floor damage keep you from fully enjoying your beautiful floors. These practical solutions and hacks will help keep you and your floor happy!