Hardwood Flooring

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of  hardwood flooring? It goes with any room and décor. Almost all the colors and textures available carry a pure beauty in it. Be it an office or a home; you can’t go wrong when deciding for hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring gives a warm feeling and adds value to your place.

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Traditional Wooden Floorings

Oak, maple, hickory, pine and cherry flooring are some of the popular types. Bamboo and Ash floors are also very common nowadays. There is a wide range when it comes to pricing. Premium quality woods such as teak, jarrah and mesquite, are the most expensive. It depends on your budget and square footage needed when choosing the flooring that is right for you.

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Wood

Solid hardwood is all-natural, 100{3eddbd2c338c239cc14462ec683fcc8958cb0305d7ed46d69861601662854867} wood – it can be molded and reformed many times. It is usually about ¾-inch thick, and durability is indisputable. The only negative is that just like any other natural material it is susceptible to changes in weather, especially humidity.

Enter smart investors who developed an engineered solution to the hardwood flooring. It is composed of layers glued to one another with a top layer of high-quality plywood. Both natural hardwood and engineered hardwood have pros and cons. Engineered wood offers an easy installation, but not much durability when compared to natural hardwood. Both have excellent re-sale value. Your choice of buying depends on the factors most important to you.

Where to Install Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring PensacolaThe best places to install hardwood flooring are bedrooms, living areas, dining rooms or any dry room. It can be used in the kitchen, provided exposure to water is at a minimum, or you may use waterproof mats near the sink and dishwasher. Obviously, hardwood is not a good choice for bathrooms. If you plan to renovate your basement, make sure it is waterproof first.

Hardwood flooring will provide a whole new ambiance to your home or office. Choosing the best colors will enhance the beauty of it. As with any other flooring, proper installation is imperative. Since wood is costly and is prone to weather conditions, it is better to hire professional help to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. When installing, it should be noted that the individual pieces shouldn’t be too tight because the floor may clasp. They can’t be too loose either because the gaps will get wider in winters when the wood will contract.   

Hardwood Flooring Cost

Hardwood may often be the first choice for anyone, but it is far from the cheapest available option on the market. Cost varies according to the type of hardwood used and its quality. For example, real wooden flooring of Brazilian Walnut, Tigerwood, and Cypress are the most expensive options having per square cost of $8-$14, in addition to the installation cost.

Mid-range priced woods are Oak, American Cherry, and Teak, which are also very common. These woods cost around $5- $10 per square feet. Pine, being a soft wood, is available in the lower range of $3-$6 per square feet, and is an attractive choice for someone with a small budget.

As for the engineered wood, the cost greatly depends on the number of layers, rather than the kind of timber used. Usually, 3 to 12 layers of plywood are used. The thickness is a contributing factor towards the durability of engineered wood.

Whichever type of flooring you choose, if the foundation beneath has cracks or structural faults, your cost will increase considerably. For this kind of flooring, it is thus advised to use a floating floor system. Always have a professional opinion before you purchase wooden flooring for your home or office. This may not be the best option for you, and only an expert can tell.

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