Commercial Flooring – Why You Need The Right
Experts For The Job

The right type of flooring can make your building look more stylish and increase its longevity. The correct design of flooring can enhance the appeal of your property and improve its interiors, making it more welcoming.

Commercial flooring installation needs expert workmanship to ensure that it looks good and performs well.commercial flooring

At Act 1 Flooring, we have the right solutions for all types of business premises – hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, hospitals, banks, theaters, shops, and other areas.

Important considerations

When we design commercial flooring, we keep several things in mind such as the foot traffic. With the right flooring, you can improve the appearance of your workspace and reduce the need for maintenance.

Commercial flooring should be installed according to the traffic level. If you get a lot of people in and out every day, make sure you install something durable. Since commercial flooring sees a lot of foot activity, it should be stronger than residential flooring.

We have bespoke designs

Our customized projects including all types of flooring options and can be customized according to your preferences. We have special on-site quality assurance managers to ensure that the project is completed with 100% customer satisfaction.

We have only high-quality flooring materials to make sure that every commercial space looks its best and lasts long with lowest possible maintenance.

Call us and we’ll arrive at your location and provide a free cost estimate. Besides the supreme quality and affordable pricing of our flooring, our products and services are always delivered on time. When you need the right flooring for your office, business workshop or any kind of work area, just contact us and we’ll let you know the right type of flooring to suit your needs.

When our experts come and install the flooring, they make sure that all safety measures are in place so that there are no accidents and everyone is safe and comfortable. With our specialized equipment and experienced staff, we can complete the task in the given time frame. We have the top designers, contractors, and architects in our team who are always ready to serve you.

Our team of experts will make sure we meet and exceed the client expectations. We commit ourselves towards serving your flooring needs with total competence and integrity.

Act 1 Flooring aims towards providing the best services and this is why we are the preferred providers of commercial flooring for hundreds of customers. We are loved by our loyal customers because of our unmatched accountability, outstanding value, and the respect that we have for our employees as well as our customers.

With several years in the flooring industry, we understand what your needs and expectations are. Visit us at our location in Pensacola or contact us here. We’ll get in touch with you in no time.