High-quality carpeting is often overlooked a great option for home flooring. Inexpensive, luxurious and warming, carpet is a go-to solution for bedrooms, living rooms and entertainment rooms.

Carpeting, a textile covering made of polyester, nylon or polypropylene, is the choice of many – not because of budget constraints, but because it gives a feeling of comfort to any place. It has been in use for hundreds of years. The material has changed from pure woolen to synthetic, but the feel and warmth remain the same. Available in various designs and eye-catching colors, carpets are as common as any other flooring in the world.

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The Oldest “Modern” Flooring

Have you heard of flying carpets in ancient Arabic stories? Yes, it is that old. Carpet has been in use since time immemorial and was the sign of luxury in Arab royal families. When humans learned how to spin cotton and wool, they started covering their floors with an earlier version of carpets. Nomads made the first form of carpet. Over time, this skill has evolved into a proper form of art. Modern carpets are being made in countries like Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, India, China, Turkey, Persia, etc. Persian carpets, for example, are famous for their quality and unique designs.

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Easy Maintenance

Unlike other discount flooring, carpets are easy to maintain in both residential and commercial places. However, it is better for use in areas with less traffic. This is due to the fact that some stains are obstinate and won’t go quickly. You can hire the services of a carpet cleaning company to rejuvenate the look of it. For some stains, even home remedies are very effective.

Different Styles of Carpets

It can be difficult trying to decide from hundreds of different styles of carpet. When you walk into a showroom and see hundreds of different colors, textures and lengths, and you haven’t done your due diligence before coming, it can be overwhelming.

A good start is to determine beforehand what carpeting style you are shopping for based on the use and occupants of a room. For example, the bedroom should have a cozier-looking style, while the living room has to have an easy-to-maintain carpet. Styles can also vary according to the décor of the room. Some of the common types of carpeting include:


A traditional cut-pile carpet with straight but not long, standing fibers and even cuts of length. Saxony is the most commonly used form of carpeting and best for residential use. If maintained properly it can be very durable and long-lasting.


A looped-style carpet with loops ranging from small fitted to rough large ones. There are level loops which mean that all the loops are on same height, and then there are patterned loops having variable heights. Besides residential, they are also an excellent choice for offices or other commercial spaces.


Having twisted long fibers, this a modern form of shag carpets. The long fibers make it more durable as compared to Saxony. The fibers are not evenly distributed which may give them a messy but trendy look. They add a warm feeling to the room.

Cut and Loop

A pattern is made in this type of carpet in which some threads are cut while others are looped. This gives the carpet a very neat and stylish look. The pattern can be made using a variety of designs and textures. It goes very well with a modern décor.

Whichever style you choose, it is important to understand your requirements first. Be well prepared when you go to shop, and note the quality. All these carpets not only vary in styles but also in quality. The flooring specialists here at Act 1 Flooring can help you choose best carpet for you.

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