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We realize how important it is to find just the right flooring company that can assist you in handling the incredibly difficult task of remodeling your home.  It is our commitment and desire to see each of our customers walk out of our doors with the perfect floor, fireplace, or repair work that you chose from Act 1 Flooring Clearance.

We are uniquely qualified to meet your needs of selecting the right countertop, backsplash, or custom shower for your home remodeling project.  We can even assist you with a repair job where needed.

So, we want to help you be sure to have the best possible outcome and experience when you choose Act 1 Flooring Clearance by also helping you stay within a budget that is best for you, our loyal customers.

Act 1 Flooring Clearance Commitment

1) Our faith in Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of our business. We are guided by our faith in our business and in all our decisions.

2) You are a part of our family.  We appreciate and value our employees,  our clients, and each member of their families.

3) We have a commitment to honesty so that our customers understand that if we tell you something, we mean it, and will do what we promise.

4) It is our primary desire to give you the quality and excellence in service that you deserve while always providing you with the best materials available.

5) If you are not satisfied, then we are not satisfied.  We’ll do all we can to be sure your experience with Act 1 Flooring Clearance is the overall A+ score.

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Discount flooring store for Pensacola Fl. and surrounding areas. flooring, countertop, backsplash, or custom shower for your home remodeling project. (877) 963-8362